The Academy is perhaps the highest rated non-matriculating, non-degree granting ceramics education you can get.

Not only is the studio itself the most professional and progressive, especially with respect to course offerings and student health, your teacher is one of the best and most experienced professional artists and teachers practicing today.

While earning both his Bachelors and Masters at two of the finest art schools; the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Alfred University College of Ceramics, Frank Bosco has studied with the most legendary teachers in the field of ceramics, sculpture and glass. His teachers included Norm Schulman, Dale Chihuly, Val Cushing, Robert Turner, Ted Randal, Tony Hepburn, and William Parry. Add to that Bosco's 5-year collaboration with one of the moist acclaimed artists of the 20th Century, Frank Stella.

Bosco's pedigree is unmatched anywhere in the greater New York Metro area. Learn from the best.

Can I be an absolute beginner with no prior clay experience? 

Yes, the class dynamic will include a mixture of beginners and students with varying levels of experience. It’s a win-win for beginners who generally get more of the instructors attention, plus get to watch how others with more experience navigate through the process.


Who are the students, and where do they come from?

It’s an amazing cultural mosaic. The beauty is that with this variety, having students with various professions, social and cultural diversities, are all coming together as equals in the classroom.

Is it possible to rent studio space...or sign up for a single lesson?

Students can only register for a ten-week session. There are no trials, walk-in’s, birthday parties, private spaces, in short anything beyond the simplicity of the ten-week enrollment. 

What are the costs for the classes?

The costs are variable depending on the demands of the course. See the course page for detail information. 


What exactly does the tuition pay for?

Essentially, your tuition pays for up to 30 hours of studio access for the specific course you are registered in;  plus an additional 6 hours if you use the 2 optional Thursday open studio sessions available. You also get an $80 credit on firing plus your first 25lbs. of clay are as well.


Is it possible to rent studio space...or sign up for a single lesson?

Students can only register for a ten-week session. There are no trials, walk-in’s, birthday parties, private spaces, in short anything beyond the simplicity of the ten-week enrollment.


Does the Academy offer kiln services to unenrolled students?

For many good reasons the academy's kilns are only for use in firing current student work.


What if I can’t make it to class, or have a schedule conflict?

The ten-week session is essentially a subscription, so missed lessons cannot be made up. There is an open studio on Thursday night for any currently enrolled student for the purposes of practice and to help recoup lost time.


Can I bring a friend, a child, or relative to hang out or watch while I’m in class?

Only enrolled students are allowed access to the studio with the exception being during the ‘Open House’, when all of the glazed work is on display for pick-up. This event occurs on a day after the term has ended, and when all the work has been fired to completion.


I’ve learned how to throw, etc. from a previous experience. Will I be automatically treated like an advanced student?

Your previous experience will be noted, however, enrolling here for the first time requires that even an experienced student be open minded and willing to follow along with the beginners until the instructor gives the ok to proceed on their own. There’s a lot of ceramic teaching malpractice out there, and one thing we cannot tolerate is having that malpractice, practiced here.

Why enroll at the Academy?

Enroll because you're looking for a rewarding experience that takes hard dedicated work.

Enroll because you're curious about the ceramic process and are serious about learning more about it.

Enroll because you want to study with a true professional.

Enroll because class sizes are small compared to other studios who are only trying to cash in on the ceramic trend.

Enroll because you want to work hard in the most organized, well cared for, health conscious and complete professional studio anywhere.

Enroll because with Frank Bosco as your teacher you will be challenged to be your best you.

Enroll because you want to gain more muscle memory, and even more muscle.

Enroll because there's way more reasons to, than not to.


Reasons why the Academy may not be the best fit for your needs.

If your main purpose is to make gifts for friends and family.

If you're just looking only for fun.

If you need therapy of some kind.

If you simply need something to do, and it doesn't matter what.

If you think you already know enough, and don't need the teacher.


The Academy does not guarantee success. Success comes only with repetitive practice of the basic techniques. For certain, all the courses offered here are challenging in unique ways. Pop culture movies like ‘Ghost” tend to over simplify and romanticize the wheel-thrown pottery experience, and portray the process as an effortless, relaxing exercise. 

All students are encouraged to read each class description for a more realistic explanation of the course objectives. Moreover, students should not expect lessons on demand. Instead, students are shown new techniques once they have control of the previous taught lessons, and your teacher will know when the time is right.