Extruded Clay Forming

(adults 18 years and older)

Workshop Dates: September 21-22, 2019

Registration deadline: September 13, 2019.



The extruder is a tool that can make forms not possible on the potters wheel. It has industrial roots creating forms in every material imaginable. The extruder for clay however, is special because in allows the clay to take on wonderful unintended gestural postures in spite of it’s being forced through a rigid die pattern. The clay always speaks when extruded. This workshop is ideal for participants with design and architectural backgrounds or interests.

Using the wealth of the academy’s die collection, an infinite array of forms both functional and sculptural are moments away, and bypassing the tedium of traditional hand-building techniques, like slab-building, coiling, and pinch-forming.

The extruder is an architects or designers dream machine, but then, you could just be someone ready for a new challenge. 

How to Register

For all skill levels

Workshop will take place on two consecutive days:

3pm-6pm on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

10am-4pm on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Workshop Price:

$350 per participant. Materials and oxidation firing are included. 

All tools supplied

Instructor: Frank Bosco

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Experiment in Trust series No.3.jpg
%22A Graceful Descent%22  14%22h.x 11%22w.x 7%22d.jpg