Studio Policies

The following guidelines are intended to communicate in clear terms the various issues and expectations between the Academy and the students who enroll here to study. Please read them carefully and feel free to voice any opinion or concern.  Violations of any policy give the academy the right to expel without refund.

Disclaimer: The Academy provides no guarantees and students are responsible for their own learning and improvement of the ceramic processes. Instruction is given appropriately to the level of student abilities. Students can not expect or demand individual instruction.


Tuitions are not refundable once you are fully registered by receipt of a confirmation email. The tuition covers the ten-week session, and only for the class/day and time you are registered for.  Tuitions are not broken down into individual classes, or prorated for missed classes.

Missed Classes  

Tuition's cover only the 10 scheduled classes, and up to 2 Thursday night open studio periods. 

Students can be granted additional studio access (beyond a max. of 12) for a set fee of $30 per 3-hour period or any portion thereof. Students are advised to use the Thursday night option as a substitute for a missed class. Moreover, the open studio is for practice and continuing with works in progress, no lessons will be given or should be expected.

The Academy takes every precaution to prevent over crowdedness, to classes by not allowing students to utilize other class sessions to make up for their own missed class(s). 

So for example if you can make 7 to 9 of the regularly scheduled classes, and none of the Thursday open studio nights, you’re not alone, and that’s about an average attendance record. If you can make all 10 classes and 2 open studio nights, that's perfect, and the maximum allowed for your original tuition payment. If you make all 10 classes and want 3 or more open studio nights, no worries, the extra income will go towards keeping the academy afloat.



All courses are structured week to week, placing utmost importance on each and every class.  It can’t be stressed enough that attendance is highly recommended. Missing certain sessions could hold students back from finishing altogether. Be advised, it is not the Academy’s obligation to offer special options to facilitate make-ups of any kind.


Open Studio Option

Every Thursday night from 6:45 - 9:15 PM the studio is open to any enrolled student. There is no class during this period. This period is for practice and continuing with works in progress. 

Academy Hours

The academy has essentially two class time-frames. The morning classes are from 10-1pm, and the evening are from 6:30-9:30pm. There is an allowance for up to a half hour for the clean-up after the class period ends.

Students are asked to quit promptly 10 minutes before the end of class and start the cleanup. Students who continue to work beyond the scheduled end of class can be assessed an additional class visit. Moreover students who are still cleaning up or lingering past the additional 20 minute clean-up period can also be assessed for an additional visit. Remember, a “visit” is essentially a class period. Your tuition allows for up to twelve, (see Missed Classes above).

Less Waste-Less Work

The Academy prides itself as truly a studio for the 21st Century, meaning more awareness to health issues, conservation, respect for communal resources, and accountability.  We ask that everyone do their fair share in managing the resources provided them, and act responsibly in all phases of their studio activity. Students are not privileged to recycle clay that’s beyond a workable or malleable condition.


There is a system in place for labeling your pieces that you won’t find in any other studio. This system helps to prevent loss, breakage, and provides helpful notes during the glazing process. The label is also necessary for record keeping and billing. Labels must accompany your work and be appropriately visible as per instructions, wherever it’s stored in the various locations around the studio (with the exception of the bisque-ware shelves).  Any work stored without a label will not be fired, and moreover may be recycled. Additionally, finished yet unfired pieces ready to be bisqued must be signed or marked somewhere on the piece itself by the student, for student identification post firing.  Again, any “green” or bone-dry work unsigned will not be fired.

Personal Storage

All enrolled students are given a single 24” x 36” shelf (cubby) to store personal items like clay, personal tools, apron, purse, backpack, etc. We ask that students maintain this cubby by keeping it organized and clean, especially of dried clay particles. On the last day of class, or the last day of attending class (at times these are not the same), the cubby should be emptied and cleaned, and any leftover clay be brought home, it's yours to keep, or donated back to the academy for recycling. Students who stay on and re enroll can keep their clay and any personal items in place during the interim between sessions.

Firing Kilns

In an effort to conserve energy and keep operating costs down, all kilns will be loaded and fired only when enough work has accumulated to justify the firing. Every effort is made to process all work as quickly and as often as possible. All work must be glazed and ready for the final firing by the end of your last class session. The final firings will commence within a reasonable time thereafter.

On YouTube Videos

If you see something online or on YouTube, by all means share the idea or link with the instructor.  The instructor will judge the worthiness or appropriateness of the process or technique, and follow up with a reasonable explanation. If the instructors professional wisdom deems it unworthy, risky, or down right idiotic (as so many online videos are), the student must accept and respect that assessment. If the student decides to ignore the instructors advice and does it anyway, that action will break down or neutralize the all important student-teacher line of communication, and even trust.  When YouTube becomes your instructor, you will no longer be welcomed to continue at the academy. 

Open House Pick-up

As the final firings progress, the Academy will reach out by email to inform students of an “Open House” date for picking up the finished pieces. This Open House is usually on a weekend morning when all of the finished work is spread out on the studio tables for a one hour viewing, followed by a one hour pick up. Students who cannot attend this event can make other arrangements to retrieve the work within a two week period thereafter. An invoice will be attached to this email with instructions for settling any balance due the Academy for clay and firing expenses beyond your $50 deposit. 

Smoking & Alcohol

There is absolutely no smoking or alcohol allowed anywhere on the premises. 

Cell Phones Use in the Studio

As a courtesy to all of us using the studio or engaged in a class, your ringer should be turned off. Unless it is urgent and necessary, we ask that you refrain from engaging in any cell phone conversations beyond one minute in length. If you must talk, please excuse yourself and seek a private location inside or outside of the premises.

Publishing Rights

The Academy reserves the right to publish photographs of students and student work for purposes of promoting the activities of the school whether it’s on the web site or on publicly distributed fliers. The student grants the Academy a limited use copyright to use images of such students' works in any such promotional material.

Ask To Leave  

Are the rights of the Academy and its agents (faculty, and staff) to immediately terminate studio access, remaining classes, and remove from the premise any remaining work and materials, of any student who blatantly disrespects studio policies and/or proves to be of disruptive or malevolent in character.

The Right to Amend

The Studio Policies, Prices, and all other Academy documentation, is subject to change without notice.