Ceramic Science Primer


How to Register

For all skill levels

Classes include 10 sessions which meet on the following days:

Thursday 6:30-9:30 pm: Inquire for schedule


Costs Explained:

Base Tuition $700

Materials/Firing Deposit: $50.00, includes 25 lb. of any stoneware clay (porcelain excluded).

Deposit also includes up to 1000 cu. in. of kiln space.

Total Tuition at the point of registration: $750


Additional costs beyond those included in the deposit.

Studio firing fee:  per cubic inch which includes: both bisque and high-fire oxidation or *reduction glaze firing.

Studio clay charges per $25 lbs: $18.50 any stoneware; $34.00 porcelain.

*Conditions apply for reduction: Size and kiln space limits all assessed for suitability.



All tools supplied

Instructor: Frank Bosco

enrollment limited to 5 students

Course Description

Ever wonder how the varieties of clay bodies and glazes are formulated? Did you know that the materials we use today to make clays and glazes were actually formed in nature millions of years ago?  Or how about the fact that clay and glazes are made using the same ingredients?  This class will take you on a journey to the center of the earth and back (figuratively, of course) all the while exploring the chemical nature of the earth itself.

Students will explore with alchemist’s delight, chemicals with strange names they've only seen in countless books on ceramics listed in ‘recipes’.  Perhaps you followed these recipes like a zombie not knowing or understanding why any given material was included.  It's not like flour and water, you know.

True, this course isn't as touchy-feely as the ever popular wheel- thrown or hand-built pottery classes taught here and there's even some reading involved, in fact, there's a lot of reading.  But don't worry, you'll be having so much fun learning how to balance the scales or use terms like ‘water of plasticity’ and ‘quartz inversion’, plus be able to explain with authority the difference between a kaolin and a ball clay, that the reading of a technical text will simply go unnoticed.

By the time I'm through with you, you'll never look at a rock the same way again...and you thought it was mud!

The only prerequisite is your desire to learn, especially by doing.