CLAYS (Standard Clay Co.)

$18.50  #192 Baldwin Stoneware

$18.50  #182 White stoneware

$18.50  #205 Red Stoneware

$34.00  #257 Grolleg Porcelain



.8¢ per cubic inch 

Firing of the work is a necessary step in the process and gives permanence and strength. The BISQUE-firing is the initial step that converts the clay object to a ceramic one, stronger and safer to handle for the glazing process.

The GLAZE-firing is the final step and done at a much higher temperature necessary to give optimum permanence for everyday use, plus melt the glazes to achieve the desired final result.

The Academy, unlike most other non-accredited institutions, does possess a gas kiln, albeit a small one, for REDUCTION-firing, which yields carbon trapping and bright copper reds, celadons, and other traditional effects. In the spirit of giving choices, the Academy’s computer controlled electric kiln for OXIDATION-firing, yields bright consistent results.

Students must recognize that the kiln facilities here, while great, are finite, in other words, modest in size and scope, and that energy costs only seem to go up. Students are asked to keep the sizes of any work within manageable dimensions. Factored into the firing fees is the care that is given in handling your work while in the greenware stages, handling/loading and unloading of work in the kilns, plus labor in firing the kilns. Also included here is wear and tear of the kilns and related equipment.



only if…

What is unknown to many students are the potential health hazards of breathing in dusts from any of the materials in the ceramic process, whether it’s from the clay or glazes. We ask that students cooperate in complying with these measures. Naturally everyone has their own style when it comes to any cleaning job, which is why we try to give generic and detailed instructions to keep us all doing it the same, consistent way. 

If a student repeatedly and/or knowingly fails to comply with the guidelines on cleaning,  they can expect additional cleaning charges (marked as misc.) added to their invoice. The Academy takes matters of health very seriously, and in severely challenging cases, a student can be asked to withdraw from the class altogether without a refund. 



only if…

Students are warned about the hazards of applying too much glaze to their work. Not only will the piece itself be compromised but also cause damage to an expensive kiln and its accessories as well. In some cases the hardened glaze requires the time and expense to grind off the excess in order to prevent a serious cut to the skin.

In an attempt to reduce the occurrence of this problem, a grinding fee will be enforced if it appears that the student ignored all early instructed warnings. $15.00 per piece and $15.00 per shelf. For shelves that require replacement, a $80 charge.